Did You Know...?


. Approximately 90,500 Jewish Sailors fought in World War II.

. Cmdr. Solomon Isquith was awarded the Navy Cross for saving 90 percent of his crew when his ship, the Utah, was attacked during the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor.

. Adm. Jeremy M. Boorda was the first sailor in US history to rise through the enlisted ranks to become an admiral.

. Commodore Uriah Levy admired Thomas Jefferson so much that he purchased Jefferson's famous estate, Monticello, in 1836.

. Commodore Levy Chapel in Norfalk, VA, is the oldest Jewish chapel in the U.S. Navy.

. Adm. Ben Moreel became the first Jew in the U.S. Navy to achieve the rank of admiral. Moreel also founded the elite navy unit the Seabees.

. Film stars Kirk Douglas, Paul Newman, Jack Warden, and Tony Curtis are just some of the famous celebrities who were also Jewish Sailors! You can read about them and many other celebrities in our Famous Jewish Sailors section.